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While playing, you will face different personal statuses.


  • Fed

You have eaten recently.
Effect: Cannot eat anything. Become Peckish tomorrow.

  • Peckish

You have eaten yesterday.
Effect: None today, becomes Hungry tomorrow

  • Hungry

You will need to eat soon, but not immediately.
Effect: None today, becomes Starving tomorrow

  • Starving

Last chance to find something to eat or you will die during the night.

Effect: You will die of starvation the next day


  • Hallucinating

After eating Mushrooms, you might start hallucinate.

Effect: Reduced chance of finding items while searching, cannot eat anymore Mushrooms.


  • Frostbite

Before you die of cold, you will get that status. It's time to find a solution to war you up before it is too late.

Effect: Second chance before dying of cold