Getting Started

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So freezing to death sounds like fun to you? Or maybe you just want to make someone else freeze to death by throwing snow it their fire? Then we have the game for you!

Signing up

You will have to make an account to play. If you have ever made an account online for anything, it's pretty much the same as that. Click the login button, and it will give you the option to sign up. Fill in the information and submit it. You should get an email confirming you registration, and you should be good to play now.

Note: currently, you need approval to sign up. Join the discord (link on the website) and ask Maxmansung to give you the password to create your account. This restriction is in place to have a more controlled environment for alpha testing.

Starting a game

Click the 'play game' button. You will be given a list of games(there will probably only be one). Click 'join' on one of them, and your game will begin.

If there are no games available, check the discord/forum. There should be a new one starting soon.

Your first day

So you're in! Go and check out the game's interface. Don't worry if you don't know what everything does yet, you'll have time to learn.

First, see those temperatures? Those are the night temperature and your survivable temperature. If the night temp is lower than you survivable temp, you will die when night comes. You can see the time remaining until nightfall in the top left corner. You will be able to survive the first night by doing pretty much anything, so don't worry too much about it the first day.

If you click on 'Personal' or 'Map', you can see your Backpack. You start carrying a Flint and a Stone. These are two of the three items required to make a Torch. Don't make the torch day one(unless you're building a firepit), as it will burn out overnight.

It would help you a lot to have some other players working with you. Check the discord/forum and ask to join a Party. You will probably find some players who would be happy to have another person in their party.

If you want to go solo, then the best course of action is usually to find a forest zone. You can find a Small Stick easily there, and you can use it to build a Torch, which will increase your survivable temperature. You may also find some Leaves, which you can use to upgrade your Sleeping Bag.

Good luck and have fun!