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Basic concept: You are in frozen wasteland where everything is cold, arctic cold. Each night temperatures drop lower and lower and you need keep yourself from freezing to death when night comes.

Players Except you there are other survivors which you can ally or sabotage… Your choice. But if you want to survive the cold nights, you should probably ally people through the “Players” tab.

Inventory: Your inventory is 5 slots for carrying items. You start with 1 Stone and one Flint in your inventory.

Temperature: You must watch this one carefully. It won’t be hard though, it is always in the left corner of your screen. Survivable temperature(ST) is the temperature in the zone you are in, Night temperature(NT) shows how much your face will freeze during the night. If your ST is lower or equal than the NT you will live another day… for now.

Stamina: Used for practically everything. You regain x(some number, currently 20) of stamina each day. Use it wisely or you will freeze to death, unable to go to the closest fire.

Zones: The world is divided into a grid of zones. The grid can be from 1X1 to 40X40. Moving from one zone to another costs stamina, as does searching a zone. Searching a zone can yield useful items to help you survive.

Biomes: Every different biome has different chance of giving you wood or snow. The higher in quality is one biome the more wood it gives you. The highest quality is forest, then bushes, then snowfield and then dirt field. If you deplete a zone, it will drop in quality with 1 overnight(ex: If you deplete a forest it will magically turn into bushes when you sleep).

Buildings: To survive you need to build. By far the most important building is the firepit, you put wood in it and it keeps you alive… simple! Other buildings are the outpost(which gives you ownership over the zone), the chest and chest lock(they are useless right now) and the fence and fence lock(which prevent people from entering your zone).

Research: You need more buildings to survive? Just spend some stamina on research and unlock a random building! You can also teach your friends!

How to get rid of other players: If you want to get rid of an enemy group you can always go and steal their items or be a total Saran and throw snowballs into their firepit(each snowball adds -1C, if temperature reaches zero, the fire is destroyed).