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Buildings can be build in any zone. To build one, go to Buildings > Construct. Constructing buildings costs Stamina and Items. Some buildings require other buildings to be build first, and other buildings require Research to build.

Building Items Stamina Parent Building Researched
Butchery Table Flint x3 Stone x2 10 None Yes
Small Trap Animal Bone x3 Leaves x2 Flint x1 10 None Yes
Outpost Snowman x1 50 None No
Capture Outpost None 60 Outpost Yes
Fence Stone x6 20 Outpost No
→→ Fence Reinforcements Stone x10 30 Fence Yes
Chest Lock Animal Bone x4 20 Outpost No
Snow Chest Snow x5 10 None No
Firepit Small Stick x3 Torch x1 5 None No
Smoke Signal Meat x2 5 Firepit Yes
Insulator Animal Bone x2 Stone x3 20 Firepit Yes
Heat Rock Stone x1 10 Firepit Yes
Seedlings Nuts and Seeds x3 12 None Yes