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Anyone who has played the game is welcome to edit this wiki. There is a lot of stuff that is incomplete or incorrect, and we would be grateful for any help.

Note: All pages are currently protected from IP edits. You will have to make an account here to edit the wiki. If this is a problem, please contact starandsnow.

Under the terms of the hosting service, we must make an edit to the wiki at least every 60 days. You should be able to see all activity on the wiki at Special:RecentChanges.


Included below are links to the source of the templates, as well as easy to copy/paste text to use the infobox in a article.



{{Infobox Item
|Title = 
|Image =
|Fuel value = 
|Found = 
|Warmth = 
|Made = 



{{Infobox Building
|Title = 
|Image =
|Researched = 
|Stamina =
|Cost = 
|Children = 
|Parent =



{{Infobox Zone
|Title = 
|Image =
|Bonus = 
|Creation = 
|Depletion = 

sandbox page to test out some front page designs without ruining the actual front page.


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